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Upbringing & Approach

From the very first moment a child is brought into the world, it is taken care of by its parents/guardians. Upbringing is often viewed as being applicable only to the older child, but being around babies also has an educational effect. Teaching a child when to eat and sleep, stimulating the baby to roll over and crawl, stimulating movement are all examples of an educational nature. This educational nature plays a pivotal role at Curious Kids. In an environment where a child feels safe, this educational approach benefits best from a positive approach.

Curious Kids believes that children should always be approached in a positive way. By telling children what they are doing correctly and rewarding them accordingly they will be stimulated to repeat this positive behaviour. Moreover, negative behaviour is ignored at Curious Kids. Children are always in need of attention, and the fact that negative attention is also attention is often forgotten. By ignoring this, children are stimulated to show more positive behaviour, thus making sure they get the attention they want.

Curious Kids attaches value to the standards and values within a child’s upbringing. It is important that a child learns about these standards and values, to be able to function within society. At Curious Kids we pay a lot of attention to this. A child has to learn to live by certain rules making sure its safety is secured and a safe and familiar environment is created. It will teach a child how to behave towards others in an acceptable and polite manner.

We think it is important that our methods for upbringing are applied consistently by our pedagogical employees. A clear structure within a safe and secure environment ensures that children know what they are up against. By dealing with rules consistently, there will be no confusion and the child will be able to feel safe. Again, safety and security are the basic elements from which the child will develop exploratory behaviour. During the pedagogical approach of the child the stimulation of physical, social and cognitive development are always the most important.

Curious Kids works with various themes throughout the entire year. Such as the four seasons, holidays and everything which coincides with this. All activities such as songs, crafts and games will have something to do with the current theme. The theme will also be made clear by the furnishings of the day care centre itself.


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