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Physical development

At Curious Kids, a great deal of attention is given to the physical development of the child. According to the philosophy of Curious Kids, a child which physical development is at its best can develop itself faster and better on other areas (social, emotional and cognitive). Curious Kids also offers many extra activities to optimize the physical development of the child. Through being consciously aware of the body multiple times a day, the child will develop itself much better, quicker and healthier.

Beside going outside every day Curious Kids offers weekly toddler and baby yoga sessions, led by a professional from outside Curious Kids.

Baby yoga

Baby yoga is a combination of touch and movement, stimulating the body as well as the mind and alternating exertion and relaxation. The exercises have been developed to stimulate the babies’ development, to soothe their ailments (such as cramps, sadness and sleeping problems) and to have fun and relax.

By way of these exercises we help the babies make certain movements which stimulate, relax and improve circulation. Apart from straight and peaceful exercises games and songs are also part of baby yoga. The exercises take place on a mat on the floor and sometimes on a ball.

Advantages of baby yoga for your child are:

– Noticeable improvement of movement.
– Noticeable improvement of social development.
– Noticeable improvement of cognitive development.
– Bond between pedagogic employee and child intensifies.
– The baby is more comfortable in its own skin.
– Sleeping habits improve.
– Restlessness is remedied.

Toddler yoga

Whereas baby yoga is very much one-on-one (the pedagogical employee practises the yoga with the baby) toddler yoga is more of a group effort. Apart from focusing on the physical side of things games are played and the toddlers focus on each other.

Toddler yoga is in fact games with toddlers: toddlers learn best by experience during play. This means focusing on the physical and emotional side of the experience during play and the attention being paid to it. In the familiar and safe environment which Curious Kids offers, the toddler is taught, through play, to focus on matters like breathing, and the tension and relaxation of their bodies. In addition there are exercises the toddlers do together, with the teacher or with the pedagogical employees, making them develop social skills and teaching them to work with others and to trust them. The lessons have a different theme every time. The imagination is stimulated and the children believe themselves to be in a world of their own making.

Toddler yoga benefits the child because it:

– Creates inner tranquillity.
– Offers fun and relaxation.
– Is conducive to resistance.
– Teaches the toddler to be itself.
– Strengthens the child’s self-confidence and self-awareness.
– Makes the child experience the power of silence.
– Renders the muscles supple and strong.
– Develops movement to the utmost.
– Teaches social skills.
– Stimulates the child in its phantasies.
– Enables the toddler to concentrate better.

Toddler yoga balances the child, literally and figuratively.


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