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Organic food

Curious Kids philosophy is that children with a healthy body are able to develop better on social and cognitive areas. Children are more open to new things when they feel good. Therefore, at Curious Kids we only use organic and fresh products for the meal because it is healthier and better for the physical development of the young child.

The following explains why we choose organic products.
• Organic fruits and vegetables contain more vitamin C.
• Organic fruits and vegetables often contain more minerals and antioxidants.
• They do not contain residues of pesticides and less nitrate.
• Organic fruits and vegetables are healthier and more nutritious than non-organic.
• Especially small children can better eat organic food. There are residues, which might have a harmful effect on their development. Those who choose organic will definitely feel better.
• Organic food is pure nature. No synthetic preservatives, flavour, fragrance and colour are added during processing. There is growing evidence that such substances cause allergies and behavioural problems in children.
• Some non-organic vegetables may pose a health risk for small children.

Sugar-free policy

Children have an innate urge for the taste of sweet. Even breast milk tastes sweet. Unnatural sugars and sweeteners often meet this need. However, these are very bad for young children and may even have a harmful effect.

The need for sweet can easily be satisfied with natural sugars.
Curious Kids is a sugar-free day care. The only sugars that the kids get are natural biological sugars in fruit.
In this way, a number of adverse effects that sugars give are ruled out the natural sugars are carried to the healthy body of the child. Below are the disadvantages of sugars.

Disadvantages of sugars for children:
• Refined sugar robs the body of vitamins and minerals that the child so badly needs.
• Sugars have an addictive effect.
• Sugars can lead to a deterioration of thought and concentration as well as behavioural problems.
• Sugars are high in calories and can cause obesity.
• Sugar is often combined with nutrients that are also of low quality, such as saturated fats and white (refined) cereal products.
• Sugars can lead to hyperactivity in children.
• If you eat a lot of sugar, you also have a greater need for chromium, which helps process sugar. Lack of chromium can contribute to the development of diabetes later in life.
• Regular use of sugar leads to tooth decay.
• The less sugar a child receives, the less will be the urge for it. This way, sugar will be increasingly ignored.

Steamed Hot Meal

At noon, the children receive a fresh hot steamed meal. Children are growing and we believe it is important that a child eats healthy and varied. With a bread meal, the children do not get all the necessary nutrients. Therefore we have chosen a warm and varied midday meal. This meal consists of a number of different kinds of vegetables (you can think of:. Pumpkin, broccoli, beets, cauliflower, beans, carrots, red cabbage, corn, parsnips, butternut, Brussels sprouts etc.), fish or tofu and supplemented with potatoes, pasta, rice, barley, risotto, or any other type of grain.

This meal is prepared fresh on a daily basis and steamed. We offer the children as many different flavours as possible and we vary the meal as much as well. We take in consideration what vegetables the children are allowed to eat for their age and what combinations fit together. Thus it is not good for young children to eat too much nitrate-rich vegetables and therefore we will not offer that to them.
For young babies, who are just starting with their first solid food, we slowly introduce them to the new flavours. We also pay attention to possible allergies by trying out every fruit or vegetable separately first.
The kids get fresh fruit every day. We also aim to offer a varied range of fruit. Examples include apples, melon, mango, peach, banana, pear, lychee, etc. In between crackers are eaten with, for example, tahini, avocado, goat cheese etc. They also get tomato and cucumber as a healthy snack. The children generally drink water or tea. We avoid juices as much as possible and therefore only use organic, sugar-free concentrated thick juice.
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