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Creative development

Children have an innate inner creativity. Curious Kids wants to encourage the creative development of the child as much as possible. Important is to give children different brackets from which they explore the world and learn to be creative. However, these are always “brackets” because we believe that creativity must come from the inner child and not of the premeditated plan of the pedagogical staff, it should complement each other.

Music lesson

Babies, toddlers and young children can truly enjoy music. If you sing to children, they often start clapping and laughing. In addition, they can also be very quiet if, for example, lullabies are sung or when you sing for them to calm them down.
At Curious Kids, we find it very important that children get in touch with music at a young age. Music stimulates the child in many possible ways, both physical and cognitive, social and sensory development is stimulated.
Every week a professional music teacher comes along to make music with the children and sing songs together. Every child can participate here. Babies can listen and watch, taking a seat on the lap of the pedagogical staff. The young infants and toddlers can create music with their own instruments and dance along. On days when there are no music lessons, we will practice the already learned songs with the children. The daily schedule will contain a moment for music every day.

Music lessons have a positive influence on the development of the child:
• It stimulates speech and language development.
• It is the ideal base for musical development.
• Motor skills are practised. Think of clapping, moving along and dancing to music.
• It is a good workout for the memory and concentration: memorizing words and melodies.


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