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Cognitive development

From the moment the child is born, it discovers the world around him. Every day is a discovery and every day the child learns new things. Whether it’s the discovery of the existence of their own little hands and feet or pets and plants, each day there are new impressions the child must process. Curious Kids will encourage this fun and playful way of discovering the world every day.

We work with materials that promote this playful learning. So at the day care we only have sustainable wood materials, which have an educational and stimulating function. Whether it’s a wooden shape sorter, a wooden abacus or a train rail that they can build themselves, children learn while they play with it. Through playing with toys, babies create more attention to motor development and the toddlers create cognitive and social development. Children often play together and if this is properly stimulated, the child learns to exhibit social behaviour.
Children play and learn throughout the day, and by combining these two in a professional educational manner we teach them that learning is fun!

Development Stimulating Method

By Curious Kids, we find it very important that children from an early age be stimulated in their development in their development in a playful way (sensory-motor, social-emotional, language and mathematics). At present, we are working to develop our own development stimulation methodology. This is a program that will run on all groups and focusing on doing activities in which the various development areas are stimulated in a playful way. In the winter of 2016, the program is implemented at the preschool groups, and shortly after also on the baby and toddler groups.


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