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Curious Kids offers professional day care focusing on the child in a warm and homely atmosphere. As certified pedagogues, the founders wish to transfer their own views and professionalism onto the pedagogic view of day care centre Curious Kids. Every child is unique, has its own special needs and develops in its own way. We believe it is important that the child is supported to the utmost throughout these developments and is challenged again and again to improve and develop.

We work with materials that promote this playful learning. So at the day care we only have sustainable wood materials, which have an educational and stimulating function. Whether it’s a wooden shape sorter, a wooden abacus or a train rail that they can build themselves, children learn while they play with it. Through playing with toys, babies create more attention to motor development and the toddlers create cognitive and social development. Children often play together and if this is properly stimulated, the child learns to exhibit social behaviour.
Children play and learn throughout the day, and by combining these two in a professional educational manner we teach them that learning is fun!

Curious Kids stimulates children on a physical, social, emotional and cognitive level.We think it is important that each day stimulates all four of these developmental areas in equal parts. By means of a varying range of activities equilibrium is maintained allowing the child to develop itself with optimal effect.

Throughout the day the three R’s (Rust – Peace, Reinheid – Cleanliness and Regelmaat – Regularity) are taken into account with regard to the child and its environment.

Peace means that children should get plenty of rest, by alternating sleep and being awake as well as a peaceful environment without too many extra stimuli. A world in which the child can handle acquired impressions. Curious Kids plays into this by closely monitoring individual sleeping habits and moments of rest. Furthermore, the space in which the children reside exudes tranquility. There are no brightly coloured walls or materials and the space is not too full. The space offers a warm and cosy atmosphere. In addition, sometimes restful music is played.

Cleanliness means that children need a clean environment to remain healthy. The word hygiene literally means: attend to health maintenance. Curious Kids offers a safe and very hygienic environment enabling the child to develop physically to its fullest potential. There is an explicit hygiene policy. This is based on the environment the child is in as well as on the hygienic approach toward the child itself.

Regularity means children need regularity. They develop best when offered regularity, structure and consistency. It is important for children to have structure to their day, meaning predictability, safety and trust. A safe and predictable environment may help to calm a child. When a child feels safe it will open itself up to new things and display exploratory behaviour. The child will discover the world it is living in knowing the pedagogical employee is there, keeping it safe and watching over it.

Combining the three R’s with our other educational goals creates a safe and excellent approach towards the child. In this way, Curious Kids attributes to a good development in the first four years of life, after which the child, now no longer a toddler, is ready to discover primary school.

We believe fresh air is of the utmost importance when it comes to a child’s health. Whether it is babies or toddlers, fresh air benefits a child. We therefore make sure the children are outside as often as possible. The garden at the day care centre is a spacious and safe environment for the children to play in the open air. When we go to the park, the zoo, etc., we use the specially designed child carriages (‘de stint’ and ‘de bolderkar’).

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