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Curious Kids thinks it is important that a child is given as much individual attention as possible. Furthermore, we think it is crucial that trainee pedagogical employees are given a change to work and learn in practice, developing into satisfactory pedagogical employees who are able to run a group single-handedly. Therefore, Curious Kids offers traineeships to students from various pedagogic studies, such as SPW (Social Pedagogical Work) levels 3 and 4 and Theory of Education.

Curious Kids works with two kinds of trainees: BOL (Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg) and BBL (Beroeps Begeleidende Leerweg). BOL means trainees are with us for short periods of time, such as five months and two or three days a week. We try as much as we can to find inerns who will stay with us for one year or longer. Afterwards, they will often move on to another day care centre to gain even more experience. These trainees are supernumerary, meaning they are not deployed instead of the pedagogical employees but in addition to them. They are there to learn and to support the pedagogical employees. They are not at the group as Pedagogic employees but next to them.

BBL trainees are on a learning/working trajectory. This means that theirs is a longer traineeship at, if possible, one and the same day care centre. They will be fully educated internally and go to school one day a week. The longer these trainees are at our day care centre, the more responsibility they get and they will work as an pedagogical employee for some of the time. This of course depends on whether they possess the accompanying competences. During the first six months the BBL-trainee is supernumerary, therefore working alongside the pedagogical employees and deployed 0%. During the second half year the trainees can be deployed for 25% or even 50% and during the third half year for 50%. After that 75% until the BBL traineeship comes to an end. Finally, a BBL trainee can be deployed for 100%. Deployment is also derived from the criteria according to the Collective Labour Agreement. Of course, deployment depends entirely on the trainee’s acquired competence and on the functional evaluation. If a BBL trainee is deployed as an pedagogical employee we make sure another trainee is at hand as a stand-by.

The entire traineeship and BBL policy can be requested and examined at the day care centre.


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