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Staff policy

Curious Kids is committed to the high quality of our personnel. We therefore ensure that all teaching staff is in possession of at least a SPW level 3 qualification for teaching staff in accordance with CAO standard. In addition, there is often someone in the group that is in possession of a college degree (a pedagogue, MWD’er or SPH’er).

The staff is extensively selected and screened by means of a precise procedure. All our staffs have at least two years experience working in childcare and are in possession of good references. They are also in possession of a VOG (certificate of good behaviour) and they have a first aid certificate for children.

Curious Kids places pedagogical staff according to the teacher child ratio. This is a model that shows how many pedagogical employees may be assigned per a certain number of children. How many teaching staffs are being deployed per ratio of children depends on the age of the children. This ratio is determined within the Childcare Act.
These are shown below.
• one pedagogical staff member for every four children present under 1 year
• one pedagogical staff member for every five children present aged 1 to 2 years
• one pedagogical staff member for every six children present aged 2 to 3 years
• one pedagogical staff member for every eight children present from 3 to 4 years

We find it very important that every child gets enough attention and care so these standards will never be overwritten. We also find it important that the children see the same faces. The aim is that there are no more than three fixed, different pedagogical staff members on the group. At full occupation of the group there are always two permanent employees a day. The schedules of the pedagogical staff are placed on the wall for parents at the day care to see, so they know which staff members are on duty each day. Also the grids of the external professionals are placed on the wall of the group.


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