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Curious Kids uses different protocols. These protocols are a guideline for the pedagogical staff from which they act in certain situations. This applies to emergency situations but also for general situations that have to do with our daily actions. Working with these protocols is always unequivocal, is acted upon in any situation and gives clarity about what should be done.

The following are all protocols where Curious Kids is involved with or which we use with the incident in question.

• Protocol extreme heat.
• Protocol washing hands.
• Protocol pests.
• Protocol play safely in the sun.
• Rules absenteeism.
• Protocol ventilation.
• Protocol lice.
• Protocol Crying.
• Protocol Calamity.
• Protocol child is not picked up.
• Protocol Child claimed unlawful.
• Protocol Child is on the list, but not brought in.
• Protocol Child lost.
• Protocol Child unconscious.
• Protocol SIDS.
• Protocol Death.
• Protocol Disease & Accident.
• Child Abuse Protocol.
• Child Abuse Protocol by employee.
• Protocol Burglary and robbery.
• Fire Protocol.
• Protocol dispensing medicines and medical procedures.
• Wound Care Protocol.
• Hygiene Policy.
• Health policy.
• Security Policy.
• Food Policy.
• Information folder hygiene and infectious disease
• Hygiene for small institutions
• Cleaning Policy.
• Absenteeism Protocol.
• Risk assessment safety and health.
• Get used Protocol.
• Protocol Stint
• Protocol distant trips toddler plus group
• Protocol Artis

All protocols and policy documents are available at the day care and can always be seen by the parent / guardian.


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