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Parent policy

Curious Kids thinks it is very important that the parents of the children who attend our day care centre are actively involved with the care for the children and the day care centre itself. It is in the direct interest of the child that you are well-informed about our day care centre and our way of working.

Curious Kids has several times / ways where we provide you with information:
• Via the website.
• Call.
• Information booklet.
• Tour.
• Interview.
• Policy Documents.
• Transfer.
• Performance reviews.
• Parents’ evenings / days.
• Crèche Booklets.
• Child tracking folders.
• Parents’ Committee.
• The publication of inspection reports.

All parents are daily informed of developments of their child through a transfer. In order to facilitate this transfer and to ensure that nothing is overlooked, we work with crèche booklets. The teachers of Curious Kids specially make these booklets, where the pedagogical staffs maintains all relevant information for each child. Based on these crèche booklets, the pedagogical staff can provide and explain any additional information about the children orally. Parents can track these details at home from these books and track the state of affairs with regard to the child. This allows the pedagogical staff to be fully aware and informed of events and development of the child at home when the transfer is made in the morning. Besides the crèche booklets there are parent meetings held. Twice a year, the parents have a 10-minute conversation with the pedagogical staff on the progress and development of their child at the day care. The discussions and progress is recorded in the child-tracking system, which allows the parents to be aware of the development, and gives them a full-recorded insight of these developments.
To involve the parents at the nursery, we organize meetings for the parents four times a year. Educational themes are linked to these parent meetings, as the terrible twos and development of the young child. In addition, weekend’s courses are organized for parents a few times a year where they can participate with their child. You can think of Mama- and baby yoga and baby massage courses or terrible twos. For the parents we also organize get-togethers for every separate day care. This happens about four times a year as well.


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