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Parent committee

In the Childcare Act, the parents advisory is regulated based on the idea that parents should have a say on some basic points that are important for parents and children. Day Care Curious Kids works close with the parents. This is highly valued and Curious Kids fully supports this cooperation. By regular talks with the parents, different opinions care taken into account in our approach with handling the child.

Curious Kids therefore has a parents’ committee which represents the interests of parents and children. Every parent who has a child on our day care, can candidature for the committee. The parents committee chooses its members and makes its own house rules. However, Curious Kids can provide an example of this. All locations have separate parent committees with at least three parents per location. In this way, all locations have a parent committee representing the interests of parents affiliated with that particular location.

The parents’ committee aims:
• The interests of the children and the parents of the child care centre where the parents’ committee is linked to be represented as much as possible and the parents be represented as well.
• To advise on quality;
• To represent the interests of the parents of the child care in the management and / or (the board of) the child care organization;

The parents’ committee regulations will be presented to parents at enrolment in the general information folder. The parents can retrieve the complete the parents ‘committee rules and household rules, designed by the parents’ committee itself at the day care centre. There are also registration forms for candidacy for the parent Commision.

Presently, there is a complete parent committee where all parents can turn to and who will advise Curious Kids.


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