Law on day care centres

//Law on day care centres
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Law on day care centres

The Law in short

As of 1 January 2005 a new law on day care has been introduced. The Law on day care determines the quality and the financing at day care centres. The basic principle is that day care is the responsibility of the parents, employers and the government. Working parents who look after their children qualify for a subsidy from the government.

Who pays for day care?

The Law on day care takes care of the financial side of care costs. With this law the parents themselves enter into an arrangement with the day care centre. The government shares in the costs of day care. Parents apply for this subsidy themselves. The tax department carries out the arrangement and deposits monthly payments into your bank account. In the Law on day care, employers and parents come to an understanding regarding the amount of the employers’ contribution towards the costs of day care. Both employers are allowed to compensate a maximum of a third of day care costs free-of-tax. Parents receive the contribution themselves.

How does the law determine quality?

With the Law on day care the government also determines the quality of day care. The law formulates basic quality requirements which the day care centre is expected to meet. The law obliges the day care centre to vouch for the children´s safety and health. They are also obliged to inform parents about the policies they conduct. Each day care centre is obliged to form a parent committee. The parent committee is there to advise about all sorts of matters, such as the policies regarding safety, opening times and the price.

The local council is responsible for quality supervision. That is why the GGD (Area Health Authority) regularly conducts inspections. Day care centres which meet all the requirements are admitted to one of the national childcare register. Parents are only entitled to a government subsidy if the day care centre they are using has been registered at the national childcare register. Employers too, can ask for proof of registration.

Day care centre Curious Kids Cornelis Trooststraat 79 has been taken up in the national day care register of the as of 1 July 2010. Parents using our day care centre can therefore apply for the tax department´s day care premium. As of August 1st 2011 Day care centre Curious Kids Ceintuurbaan 216 BG is registered in the national day care register. As of April 1st 2-12 day care centre Curious Kids Ceintuurbaan 214 BG is registered in the national day care register.

Proof of registration is at the day care centre


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