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Toddler plus group De Bloemetjes (The Flowers)

Curious kids have noticed that children of 3 years need to be more challenged. They have a greater attention span, what makes them longer and more attentive to participate in activities. And they become bored quickly, so they seek new challenges. In general, 3-year-olds are curious little people who want to learn and discover the whole day. Curious Kids offers a group for these children, where they van play till the day they go to primary school. As with all other groups, the conditions are safe and there is a clear day structure, with the 3 R’s.

The small group (maximum 10 children) creates a strong group dynamic and budding friendships. It’s fun and educational to play in here with group activities. They grow up together to that moment when they go to the “big school”.

At the Toddler Plus group we work with 5-day themes; Baking and cooking, gardening and nature, understand with your hands, CreaBea craftday and Exercise and fantasize. At every day is a matching activity done with the children.

There are two permanent caregivers each day and they will ensure throughout the day for toddlers and encourage their development. The group is all arranged so that older toddlers can play here and meanwhile learn. There was purchased challenging and educational toys to inspire the children to the last day and also to prepare for primary school. One example is playfully acquainted with letters and numbers, without targets.

Once at the school, there is no more space for naps. So here we learn the toddlers to get used to the rhythm of school. Instead of separate bedrooms, like the other groups, we have create a lounge area where toddlers can take a short nap.

Our benefits

-Baking and cooking; bread baking and making jam, visit the cheese farm, picnics in the park, etc.
-Gardening and nature; self-maintained vegetable garden, visit a flower garden, go to the zoo, etc.
-Understand your hands (discovering materials); Visiting the studio, feel and discover with buttons, cans, jars, etc.
-Crea Bea Craft day; painting, pasting, clays, visit to museum, visit to pottery, etc.
-Moving and fantasize; dancing, dressing up, visiting theater, reading in the library, etc.

On this group works three permanent caregivers. The scedules are known two months in advance so as a parent you know exacly who is working on a certain day. As a parent you will never see a unknown face. All our caregivers are minimal 21 years old and have more than 2 years fulltime experience with children.

Curious Kids philosophy is that children with a healthy body are able to develop better on social and cognitive areas. Children are more open to new things when they feel good. Therefore, at Curious Kids we only use organic and fresh products for the meal because it is healthier and better for the physical development of the young child.
Click here for more information about our food policy.

Toddler plus group has an outdoor area with different playing materials. Children can really enjoy themselves here. There is a sandpit, a slide, a toy caterpillar and we have lots of bikes and cars. Colorchalk can also everywhere so the garden is often a nice color parade!

Our toddler groups and pre-toddler groups are relatively small at Curious Kids. Toddler plus group consists of up to 10 children. Every day there are two permanent caregivers and an intern on the groups. This means there is a lot of space for individual attention and additional activities with the children. Besides the many excursions there is plenty of time to undertake various activities in a smaller group.
Because the groups are small, the activities are properly supervised by the caregivers and children can be stimulated in their development. On quiet days there is enough time to spend special attention one on one or with several children at the same time to a special activity. Also learning to recognize letters and numbers, and potty training is encouraged by our caregivers.

We think it is very important that toddlers are a lot in the outdoor air. Each group has a nice outdoor area but we also have an electric car (Stint) with which we undertake several trips. So we go almost every day outiste, for example:

-Weteringcircuit playground
-Petting Zoo
-Reading Mornings at the library
-Artis Zoo


The Location

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Register your child within five minutes.
Free guided tour!

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