Day Care Centre Amsterdam

Curious kids has nine groups in Amsterdam de Pijp, Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt and Amsterdam West. This means that children from a divided in group per age category.  We have four babygroups from 3 till 18 months, two pre-toddlergroups from 1 till 2,5 years and three toddlergroups from 2 till 4 years. We also have one toddlerplus group for children from 3 years old. This group has an extensive activity program and prepare the children for the transition to primary school.
We find it important that children around the same age are together. This way our employees can focus on one specific development stage. Babies need to rest more and be in a safe and peacefull environment. For the toddlers we find it more important to let them be active indoors and more times a day outdoors.

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